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Sunday School

At Faith Baptist Church we believe that teen years are pitvial in a person's life.  We believe that every teenager needs a strong foundation and someone to help them be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to teach teens how to let their lights shine in such a way that others might see this good work and glorify our Father.

We call ourselves The Illuminators because Jesus said we are the light of the world (Matthew 5:16).  Middle schoolers and high schoolers have a huge opportunity awaiting them at Faith Baptist. 

We structure our youth ministry on three basic elements that Christ gave us and we call it the 3G:

(1)  The Great Command

(2)  The Great Commission

(3)  The Golden Rule

Small groups meet every Sunday morning and enjoy a time of fellowship, prayer, and a solid Bible teaching.



GLOW is a midweek Bible study for teens who come to be challenged by each other.  GLOW stands for Go Light Our World.  That's exactly what Jesus called us to do and that is our desire at Faith Baptist Church. 

Every week we start off the night with a good hot meal.  We also enjoy recreation time and particpate in different activities. We compete in high energy games such as football, basketball, volleyball, corn-hole, and four-square as well as many other games. Then one of our youth leaders leads us in a large group challenge from God's Word. 

GLOW meets every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm


Weekly Activities

Sunday School - Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM

Mid-week GLOW - Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM