The people at Faith Baptist Church are thankful for the opportunity to be both "goers" and "senders" for the cause of world missions. One of our missions for the past many years is our annual Sonshine Jubilee held annually on the first Thursday through Sunday of the year.  This is a time of refreshment for missionaries, pastors, and evangelists to renew and be encouraged in the Lord. We host two services a day with breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided.  Our dates for the upcoming 2018 Sonshine Jubilee will be Thursday, January 3rd - Sunday, January 6th.  We hope you will join us and give us an opportunity to minister to you!

It has been our privilege to take groups from our church on several missions trips. Many people have come to know Christ as a result of these journeys and missionaries have been encouraged by our participation in their ministry.  The following is a list of missionaries our church supports regularly through Faith Promise Missions:


 2019 Faith Promise Missionary List
“Holding Forth the Word of Life” - based on Php 2:16

Character Education Now
Father’s Storehouse

Bro. Robert Warren, Wagons with Provision
Russell Kidman, Missionary to Military

Far Away
Victory Baptist Press
Missionary Flights International
IBMA, Philippines (Milo Tomas Family)
Josè Gomez, Mexico
Jim Showers, Paraguay
Samuel Fried, Missionary to the Jews in North, Central, & South America