Proverbs 1:5-6  A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels: To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings. 

Wisdom is not cheap, easy, or free. It comes from pursuit which requires given effort to attain. “A wise man will hear.” The word “wise” means “intelligent, skillful, or artful”. Webster defines wise as “having knowledge; hence, having the power of discerning and judging correctly.” It means that a person has God-given common sense or good sense.

A person with good sense will “hear” instruction. The word “hear” in this verse means “to hear intelligently”. This means that a person who will “hear” is a person that will listen and give attention. The implication is to listen with an open and receptive heart to receive and apply wise instruction.

A person who is wise will “increase learning” which means “to add or augment through continuation”. A person may have finished formal education, and many may never go beyond that formal instruction, but a wise person will continue to learn and grow in understanding.  Learning should never end, especially for a Christian. You will never learn or know all that there is for a Christian to know, but you must continue to read, study, and meditate upon the Word of God every day that He gives you.

If you truly seek to be wise then you must look for the counsel of wise people. For a Christian “wise counsels” are those people who read, study, and meditate upon God’s Word every day. They do these things so that they may have a closer and more intimate walk with the Lord. Many believe the Bible, teach the Bible, and those who are called may preach the Bible, but the truly “wise counsels” are those who put the Bible into practice in their daily living. They love and live what they learn.

If you truly want to be wise you will seek counsel from those Spirit-filled people who walk with the Lord, who are yielded and filled with His Spirit, and who are constantly in the Word to learn more of the Lord and His ways. These “wise counsels” do not just learn to show what they know to others, they learn because they love the Master Teacher and His Holy Counselor, and desire to love and invest in the lives of others.

Your quest for wisdom will lead you to search out and understand the principles of the Bible. It requires faithful daily time with God to have a greater understanding of Him. When you do not understand something and you seek to understand through study, prayer, and meditation, God will reveal things to you. You will increase in wisdom as you sacrifice to spend time searching out the things of God in His Word.

There will be times when it is hard to study. There will be times when study and meditation will seem a tedious bore. But wisdom will prevail and the wise at heart will continue and overcome the hardships, the tedious hurdles, and difficult times of study.

It takes work to build godly wisdom but it will also take time. God will give wisdom to those who ask for it, but it requires that you be willing to spend time with Him. He gives you wisdom so that you may find joy in searching, cultivating, and working for knowledge and understanding. With this knowledge and understanding you will gain the wisdom to apply it. When you love and live what you learn you will become a wise counselor for those who are coming along behind you. –Preacher