Proverbs 3:7-8  Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.  It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.

Herein is a threefold truth of applying wisdom in our daily life. This is a trilogy of imperatives that we are to obey if we are to practice wisdom daily in our thoughts, words, and actions. Be not wise in your own eyes. This goes back to not leaning upon our own understanding. “Lean” means “to support oneself.” It is self-reliance and a self-sufficiency that leaves God out of the equation.

To be wise in your own eyes is to retain the pride of life. This is the opposite of wisdom because we do not lean upon or trust in the One who knows what is ahead. Consider what would happen if you were trying to traverse your way through mountainous terrain. There are hills, sharp, jagged rock formations, deep ravines, drop-offs that may fall hundreds of feet. There are wild animals ready to devour you. If you were out in the dark with no light - no moon, no stars, and no light at all – you could not safely navigate your way through this rugged terrain. Those who would try are those who are prideful and full of themselves.

This is the type of terrain that we must traverse in this sin cursed world that we live in today. There are hills and hurdles that you must get across. There are sharp dangers all around you ready to tear you apart. There are pitfalls that the world and the devil love to put in front of God’s people. The devil himself is a roaring lion ready to devour you. There will be dark valleys that you must get through. There are high mountains that you must get over. This world is in darkness and we must traverse through its rugged terrain not knowing what is ahead.

But the Lord has given us wisdom to use His light to get through this world safely. He knows what is ahead. He knows what tomorrow holds. He is always there to hold your hand and take care of you. Wisdom will depend on the Lord and not upon your own self-sufficiency. Besides, your self-sufficiency is never enough, but God’s grace is always sufficient. You would do well to heed the Word and “lean not unto thine own understanding” and “be not wise in thine own eyes”. Allow God’s Word to be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

The second command is to “fear the LORD”. This phrase is found 30 times in Scripture. But there are seven times that we are directly commanded to “fear the LORD”.  Seven is the number of perfection and this is no coincidence. This fear is a reverential trust and respect of the LORD with hatred for all that is evil. When you love Him you will hate evil (Psa 97:10). When you trust and respect Him you will hate evil (Pro 8:13). He preserves the saint while He hates the prideful heart.

He does not hate the soul which is the person, but he hates that attitude which lives and walks foolishly; against all that is Scripturally holy, just, true, godly, and moral. God loves every soul, or person, though He may hate their sinful, foolish life. He wants to help and give hope to all. He wants all to live victoriously and to prosper in life. He wants all to benefit from His love and grace. Those who do not fear the LORD cannot benefit and prosper. They cannot safely navigate this world.

A person who thinks they are wise, that they know it all, that they do not need any help, is a foolish person who is apt to suffer diverse types of harm in this life; spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and financial. They are also in danger of missing Heaven. Do you think or desire to go it on your own? -Preacher